This all depends on your setup, and the type of device you are looking to use.

Traditionally, something that does not have a high startup current, can have its power draw estimated by looking at the product label and using a solar PV power system with at least 25% to 50% more power output.

Pretty much all electronic devices have a label on them which states the output voltage and output current, and some of them even provide the output wattage for you.

To work out the average wattage that your device may require, it's as simple multiplying the output voltage by the output current, for example, your typical laptop's formula would look as follows:

Output Voltage x Output Current = Input Wattage

19V x 3.42A = ~65W

Thus your item will use about 65 Wh (Watt hours - Watts used in an hour)

Below is an example picture:

This method can be used on any household item that has its power characteristics displayed on its product label.

You can use one of OUR SOLAR PANEL ESTIMATORS for a very basic estimate or you can use the below table as a quick reference:

Here is an example table:

DeviceAverage Estimated Wattage (per hour)Size of Solar Power System
Large LED/LCD Television75Wh - 150Wh~250W
Laptop Charger65Wh - 120Wh~175W
Fridge + Freezer Combo250Wh - 600Wh~400W - 750W
20 x 4W LED Lights20 x 4Wh = 80Wh~120W
Geyser2.5kWh - 5kWh~5kW - ~10 kW
Oven + 2 Stove Plates turned on1.5kWh - 3.5Wh~2.5kW - 5kW
9 Fin Oil Heater2kWh - 3kWh~3kW - 4kW
Pool Pump750Wh - 1.5kWh~1kW - ~2kW
Desktop Computer150 - 350Wh~250W - ~500W

For an accurate estimation, it is recommended to perform an on-site power analysis. To schedule a site visit please contact our sales and installation team.